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Introduction : photography is often associated with a secondary interest such as journalism, landscapes, family, fashion, travel……. the list goes on.  So the subject matter of my entries may vary depending where my camera takes me. Today begins my online photo journal. I must admit, I’m not much of a writer, as I have a passion for photography and much rather be snapping than scribbling. However combine factual, informative words with a photo and you have both a powerful form of communication and the basic unit of photojournalism. One image, combined with a quality caption, and a expanded personal perspective, that is truthful and informative will be the goal of my writing. If you read my journal and find information that you consider inaccurate or simply wrong, I invite correction. Thank you dear reader, for taking the time to read this entry. I will try to make the following entries as interesting and relevant as possible.


PS. All photos posted on this blog have been taken by the author : Mike Watt ©

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Fazhion II

Maddison Carter

Former Miss World contestant : Maddison Carter

Working in a studio reminds me of the days of black and white printing, you enter an artificially lit world where time stops, creativity takes over and a caffeine powered brain melts down. However the similarity ends here as darkrooms were great places for mushrooms, (you feel like one after an hour or two in a darkroom) but gratefully digital photography and photoshop have kicked heinous chemicals and expensive photographic paper out the window. Needless to write working in a studio with a gorgeous model is more fun than playing with chemicals in a darkroom. Fashion fantasy goes to zenith level in a studio. Soft boxes and strobe lighting propells a model as far from reality and as close to heaven without leaving the planet. Recently I was given the opportunity (and privilege) of photographing a former Miss World contestant Maddison Carter. Balancing lights, calculating exposures, composing poses, and discussing compositional elements with other creative people for me is intellectually stimulating. However I must admit, when it comes to fashion takes I’m still on trainee wheels. What I’ve learnt so far (after many a crash) is that studio faz is not all about glamour, it is also about communication and finding a common lingo with the team who put the model together. I’m on trainee wheels also because I am still trying to find my own style and simply don’t what to ape other great photographic work. A unique style is what separates a good photographic take from pretty pictures. Anybody these days can take a pretty picture, but it is when people can say who took the photo without looking at the byline that your style begins to shine……..(editors at Vogue please note)…………I still need a byline.

Maddy & Katrina

Katrina Dixon hair stylist working on Maddy ( Maddison Carter)

Just a short note here to say thank you to the talented team who gave me the opportunity to expand my folio. Thank you Lynette Holland cloths designer, Rachael Gregory make-up artist, Katrina Dixon hair stylist and Maddison Carter gorgeous model. I commend their services to Vogue, Haper’s Baazar, Mayfair and all in the faz game who should be falling over themselves to acquire your great talent.


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Midnight Oil

Peter Garrett Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts

Peter Garrett Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts : Photo by Mike Watt ©

It was nice to shake hands with Peter Garrett Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts who I describe as a wonderful asset to Australian cultural influence. One of the privileges of working in the press game is that you get to meet some of these human demigods when they descend down from the mountains of power and influence and mingle with mere mortals. Far greater minds and writers have written volumes about Peter. Suffice to write that I found Peter to be a patient listener to the orbiting throng competing for his attention. Peter Garrett announced new funding for three Cairns arts activities while visiting the Cairns Regional Gallery with the Member for Leichhardt, Jim Turnour.

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Fashion and Stylist competition held at the Reef Casino Cairns

Fashion: conjures up words like trends, glamour, art, and youth. It shows no mercy on the weak and demands extroverts and the body beautiful to perform. Watching the parade of youth in trendy gear I felt like an old lemon in a bowl filled with exotic fruit. Fashion is powerful, its lure irresistible and it is not long before my camera is clicking in sync to ebb and flow of body and garment across the stage. Watching the faces of onlookers, I can see they too are caught up in this swirling hypnotic kaleidoscope of glamour. Fashion is many things but it is above all it is a seductive fantasy. Photographers, models, stylists all tumble over each other in this reverie of flesh and garment. From a

Studio fashion study 1/200 f11 ISO 100 Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Lens

photographer’s perspective fashion was made for the camera, demands the camera, and only comes alive before the camera. Sure you can have fashion shows and catwalks but without those flashing lights and clicking shutters to document the occasion, fashion is lost in time and those trendy outfits forgotten. I’d be the first to confess that I’m no fashion guru, nor am I up with the latest lingo to describe outfits. But one doesn’t have to be fashion water walker to appreciate the beauty on display and indulge in this escapist fantasy. Like many photographers I gravitate toward fashion like moth to a flame and dream one day a Vogue editor will send the limo around to pick me up and take me to photograph the models to grace their pages. Dream on.

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Father and Daughter

My daughter Cindy

I’ll bet many a dad has been confronted by the dilemma of what to do in public, when your little girl’s say’s “daddy I’m busting,” do you take her to the mens, women’s or find a tree? After much debate I start looking for my wife. It’s not easy bringing up daughters. At times they are a downright pain in the bum. But having said that, I wouldn’t swap my little girl for the world. Their innocence and love of life, demands daddy’s protection and love. In other words, she brings out the best in me. Cindy loves insects, chasing butterflies and considers the Praying Mantis the pinnacle of evolution. She loves watching Barbie movies and insists I sit and watch the adventures of Barbie with her. Guys, I have list of get-a-way-excuses that may aid your escape when your daughter clings to your arm, to force you to endure another Barbie movie. Like: daddy’s gotta go and try and find some ice cream in the fridge for you. That one never fails. What I find interesting being a dad is that I’m also sliding on a learning curve with my daughter. The individuality of my daughter’s


Cindy chasing butterflies

personality requires that I learn to relate to her. She did not come with a manual. All the how-to-books in the world never replaces the one on one interaction, taking mental notes on course corrections as I guide this little one to maturity. I’ve leant one of the most precious gifts you can give your child is time.

“A human being is a single being. Unique and unrepeatable.” Quote: Pope John Paul II.

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