Introduction a photographer’s journal

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Latitude, Longitude -16.726017,145.647

Introduction : photography is often associated with a secondary interest such as journalism, landscapes, family, fashion, travel……. the list goes on.  So the subject matter of my entries may vary depending where my camera takes me. Today begins my online photo journal. I must admit, I’m not much of a writer, as I have a passion for photography and much rather be snapping than scribbling. However combine factual, informative words with a photo and you have both a powerful form of communication and the basic unit of photojournalism. One image, combined with a quality caption, and a expanded personal perspective, that is truthful and informative will be the goal of my writing. If you read my journal and find information that you consider inaccurate or simply wrong, I invite correction. Thank you dear reader, for taking the time to read this entry. I will try to make the following entries as interesting and relevant as possible.


PS. All photos posted on this blog have been taken by the author : Mike Watt ©

About mikewrite2night

Professional photographer, on trainee writing wheels
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