Fashion and Stylist competition held at the Reef Casino Cairns

Fashion: conjures up words like trends, glamour, art, and youth. It shows no mercy on the weak and demands extroverts and the body beautiful to perform. Watching the parade of youth in trendy gear I felt like an old lemon in a bowl filled with exotic fruit. Fashion is powerful, its lure irresistible and it is not long before my camera is clicking in sync to ebb and flow of body and garment across the stage. Watching the faces of onlookers, I can see they too are caught up in this swirling hypnotic kaleidoscope of glamour. Fashion is many things but it is above all it is a seductive fantasy. Photographers, models, stylists all tumble over each other in this reverie of flesh and garment. From a

Studio fashion study 1/200 f11 ISO 100 Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Lens

photographer’s perspective fashion was made for the camera, demands the camera, and only comes alive before the camera. Sure you can have fashion shows and catwalks but without those flashing lights and clicking shutters to document the occasion, fashion is lost in time and those trendy outfits forgotten. I’d be the first to confess that I’m no fashion guru, nor am I up with the latest lingo to describe outfits. But one doesn’t have to be fashion water walker to appreciate the beauty on display and indulge in this escapist fantasy. Like many photographers I gravitate toward fashion like moth to a flame and dream one day a Vogue editor will send the limo around to pick me up and take me to photograph the models to grace their pages. Dream on.

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