Father and Daughter

My daughter Cindy

I’ll bet many a dad has been confronted by the dilemma of what to do in public, when your little girl’s say’s “daddy I’m busting,” do you take her to the mens, women’s or find a tree? After much debate I start looking for my wife. It’s not easy bringing up daughters. At times they are a downright pain in the bum. But having said that, I wouldn’t swap my little girl for the world. Their innocence and love of life, demands daddy’s protection and love. In other words, she brings out the best in me. Cindy loves insects, chasing butterflies and considers the Praying Mantis the pinnacle of evolution. She loves watching Barbie movies and insists I sit and watch the adventures of Barbie with her. Guys, I have list of get-a-way-excuses that may aid your escape when your daughter clings to your arm, to force you to endure another Barbie movie. Like: daddy’s gotta go and try and find some ice cream in the fridge for you. That one never fails. What I find interesting being a dad is that I’m also sliding on a learning curve with my daughter. The individuality of my daughter’s


Cindy chasing butterflies

personality requires that I learn to relate to her. She did not come with a manual. All the how-to-books in the world never replaces the one on one interaction, taking mental notes on course corrections as I guide this little one to maturity. I’ve leant one of the most precious gifts you can give your child is time.

“A human being is a single being. Unique and unrepeatable.” Quote: Pope John Paul II.

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