Fazhion II

Maddison Carter

Former Miss World contestant : Maddison Carter

Working in a studio reminds me of the days of black and white printing, you enter an artificially lit world where time stops, creativity takes over and a caffeine powered brain melts down. However the similarity ends here as darkrooms were great places for mushrooms, (you feel like one after an hour or two in a darkroom) but gratefully digital photography and photoshop have kicked heinous chemicals and expensive photographic paper out the window. Needless to write working in a studio with a gorgeous model is more fun than playing with chemicals in a darkroom. Fashion fantasy goes to zenith level in a studio. Soft boxes and strobe lighting propells a model as far from reality and as close to heaven without leaving the planet. Recently I was given the opportunity (and privilege) of photographing a former Miss World contestant Maddison Carter. Balancing lights, calculating exposures, composing poses, and discussing compositional elements with other creative people for me is intellectually stimulating. However I must admit, when it comes to fashion takes I’m still on trainee wheels. What I’ve learnt so far (after many a crash) is that studio faz is not all about glamour, it is also about communication and finding a common lingo with the team who put the model together. I’m on trainee wheels also because I am still trying to find my own style and simply don’t what to ape other great photographic work. A unique style is what separates a good photographic take from pretty pictures. Anybody these days can take a pretty picture, but it is when people can say who took the photo without looking at the byline that your style begins to shine……..(editors at Vogue please note)…………I still need a byline.

Maddy & Katrina

Katrina Dixon hair stylist working on Maddy ( Maddison Carter)

Just a short note here to say thank you to the talented team who gave me the opportunity to expand my folio. Thank you Lynette Holland cloths designer, Rachael Gregory make-up artist, Katrina Dixon hair stylist and Maddison Carter gorgeous model. I commend their services to Vogue, Haper’s Baazar, Mayfair and all in the faz game who should be falling over themselves to acquire your great talent.



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